Honeymoon and Romance Adventures


Planning a wedding is stressful. Planning your honeymoon should be relaxing and fun! Your honeymoon should be something really special and unique to you as a newly-wed couple. You want your honeymoon to be memorable. I create custom itineraries based on your specific wants and needs. Whether you’d like to relax on the beach, have an action-packed adventure, or something in between, we can make your honeymoon vision a reality. Sit back, relax and let me take care of the honeymoon plans.



Romance Escape


Love is something you have to pack with you. No matter where you might be, it’s the person you are with that makes the time and place really special. It’s no longer enough to sprinkle a few rose petals on a bed, offer a complimentary bottle of Champagne, and call it a romantic getaway. While bottles of bubbly are still a prominent feature—and we don’t have any complaints about that—today’s most sophisticated luxury hotels go one step further by connecting guests with the inherent beauty of a destination via creative offerings. Think: spa treatments for two using native flora, mouthwatering meals incorporating local ingredients, or expertly designed outdoor spaces showcasing spectacular views in places like a barely touched Cambodian archipelago or the tried-and-truly lovely Santorini. Let’s plan your perfect escape!

Service Features

Personalized Itineraries

Custom travel itineraries designed only for the two of you! Do you want to spend time relaxing around the pool or on the beach after the hecticness of the wedding? Has life gotten in the way of your time and you ready to spend time just the two of you? No cookie cutter trips the sky is the limit, every detail is handpicked and curated for your ultimate enjoyment!

Celebrating Love

There are certain events or milestones in life that just need to be celebrated!  Whether it’s a special anniversary, honeymoon, or just because we need a romantic vacation, I can create the perfect getaway with special touches!


Adventure Travel

Ok, so you are more of the thrill seeker couple.  From the hair raising experience of heli-skiing or riding a horse along the beach, I love including an adventure that will make you smile!


Ready to sail your cares away and find the romance of the water?  I can help! Visit quaint villages on a river cruise or dance the night away on an ocean cruise. The choice is yours! With access to amazing cruise lines all over the world, I can make sure your romantic vacation is smooth sailing by taking care of all the details!

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