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Your Personalized Travel Planning Process







                                          Why Should Plan Your Trip With Us?



What Can a Virtuoso Advisor Do For You?

If these are important to you, then we’re the right choice.

  • Personalized Service: We work WITH you to create your Dream trip.
  • Flexible & Customizable: Your trip will be a special experience.
  • Custom Trip Itineraries: We create detailed itineraries
  • Real Time Support: We notify you right away when we are notified of any changes during your trip. We are your personal problem solver.

What a luxury travel advisor can do for you…

If these are important to you, then we’re the right choice. 

What a luxury travel advisor can do for you…

I save you time, money and the stress vacation planning can cause. Planning a custom trip on your own can take many hours of research which can be overwhelming and confusing. You still might not know if you’re booking the things that create a great flow for your trip and are in correlation with your style, taste or desire. I put the joy back in your vacation!

I’m Not a Travel Website.

We can engage in conversations to determine your must have’s and offer suggestions. A website can’t do that. I will do the research and find the perfect options. A website can’t do that. We can create the trip that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

Wunderlust Adventures is not a cookie-cutter travel company. I’m here to ensure that the things I can control, I will.  I’m here because I share in your excitement for your special vacations! We are your personal problem solver.

                          Custom Travel Planning Process in 4 Easy Steps

Let's Chat

Schedule a time that is convenient for you on my scheduler and we’ll discuss your ideas, dreams and goals for your adventure. Tell me your must have’s and must do’s and I’ll offer ideas and suggestions to create your perfect trip.

Research, Plan and Refine

Once I know exactly what you want, I will begin research to find the three best options for your dream adventure. I will present my research to you for your review and you share your thoughts on the suggested itinerary. We will work together until we perfect an itinerary that matches your dream vacation. 



Book and Prepare

After you have booked and final payment has been made, you will receive a detailed itinerary and all the necessary travel documents.

And it doesn’t stop once you receive your travel documents! I also provide you with useful information about your destination, the cities you’re going to see and things you’re going to experience. 

While You're Traveling

My service isn’t over once you depart. While on your adventure if you should need any assistance I am just a phone call, email or Facebook Message away. Sit back, relax and ENJOY!



When you daydream you imagine you are in Europe. Are you hiking through a meadow in the Alps? Are you drinking beer and dancing to the oompah bands during Oktoberfest? At Wunderlust Adventures, I want your daydreams to come reality.

I’ll listen. And I’ll put my experience and connections to work designing a unique trip you’ll remember – long after you return.




Benefits of River Cruising:

  • Smaller luxurious ships
  • Access to hard to reach destinations
  • Visit a new destination daily
  • Unpack once it’s your ‘floating hotel”
  • Themed and specialty cruises

Benefits of Ocean Cruising:

  • Larger ships
  • A large variety of activities
  • Many different places to eat and choices of food
  • Broadway-style entertainment

Honeymoon and Romance

Congratulations! You are now married and it's time to the start of your marriage with a customized luxury honeymoon. Just like there is no cookie-cutter wedding, your honeymoon should be equally as personalized. 

Do you dream of an exotic, tropical honeymoon or romantic adventure destination? Or exploring history and wine in Europe? 

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